Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wouldn't Want to Change a Thing

Now have you ever felt like there are times in your life when you just can't stand getting through it? There are times in your life when you just want to fast-forward everything; especially when you're going through tough times. When you are going through the moments you think as the lowest point of your life. People might say nice things to you, encouraging you that one day there will be a time when you don't have to struggle anymore. That one day, you can smile, knowing that all your hard works and sacrifices are finally paid off. But you are asking now, when? When is that 'time'? When is that 'one day'? And if it will ever really happen to me, can I just skip all these troubles and hard times and could I please just get the promise God and people have been reminding me over and over again? You feel very tired of surviving; you feel very exhausted about enduring; and you would love to just fast-forward your life, jump to the end results of your hard ships: a worry-free life. I mean, it is actually logical enough, if we will finally enjoy the results of our hard ships, then why wouldn't we just fast-forward them, and go to the end results right away?

But perhaps I'd love to state this reason one more time; the one I have just been reminded on: because God is more interested in our character, than in our comfort zone. Yes, God wants to give us a prosperous life, fulfilling our dreams, giving us a life partner, giving us a good job, promoting us and all that; but He is more interested in making us people of good character. He is more interested to make us realize, that in spite of all the troubles and the hard times and the hard works we are going through, we still have a great life. That in spite of all the challenge we might have in life, we still have family and friends we can count on. That in spite of all the heartache and the disappointments we might have in life, we still have people that would love us unconditionally and will support us to the end. That in spite of that one tough bitter big problem, we can still find thousands sweet little things around us. And perhaps when we realize that, life would not seem so bad. And we can be thankful that we are here, and we can still have chances to enjoy the moments.

If life was easy, partying wouldn't be so fun, friends wouldn't mean so much, and love wouldn't feel so good.
- @TheLoveStories

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